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NAMI UNM Meetings

The next Educational Discussion will be held:

Educational talks will resume Fall 2017


Psychotic Illness Doesn't

Future "Let's Talk About it..." Topics:

Schedule TBD 
Please send suggestions to:

Past "Let's Talk About it..." Topics:

March 17th, Anxiety
March 24th, Depression: It's more than being "a little sad"
March 31st, Truth About Triggers
April 14th, From Self Harm to Self Love
April 21st, Support a Lobo
April 28th, End of the Year CELEBRATION!

The next General Meeting for NAMI UNM will be held:

Fall 2017, TBD

Student Union Building (3rd floor)

Meeting Minutes:

Friday, Feb. 24th, 3:30-5:30 pm

Student Union Building, Alumni room (3rd floor)